Tell Us Your Birth or Pregnancy Story

Easily record your story (audio or video) on our private research app

Thank you for completing the RESPCCT survey. We appreciate the time you took to participate in this study.

(If you have not completed the RESPCCT survey, please click here.)

Once you have downloaded the app, please remember to use the number provided at the end of the survey for your Username.

When you enter the app, you will be asked to choose a project from a drop-down menu. Please choose “The RESPCCT Study”.

To record your story on VoQual you will need to enter an email to register. The email address will not be connected to your recording. You can choose to record by audio or video. The app allows you to review your recording and to change it if you have made a mistake.

What to Record

Please tell a short story about an experience that stands out to you from the same pregnancy or birth that you reported on when completing the RESPCCT survey. This could describe an interaction with a caregiver, or an idea about how others may be able to learn from your experiences.

You can also share your suggestions for how we can improve care for families in Canada.


The study team will keep your information confidential. To help us do this, please avoid mentioning names or locations (doctors, hospitals, cities, etc.) in your recording.

To find some support for any distress you may feel as a result of completing this survey or sharing your story, you can click here or copy this link

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Instructions for using VoQual


Should you wish to submit a recording on VoQual, you must be able to read the consent in either French or English and agree to participate by completing the consent when you log into the Voqual App. When recording you may speak in English, French, Inuktitut, Spanish, Chinese, Punjabi or Arabic.

VoQual, was developed by Hazel Keedle, RM, PhD, a midwife and researcher at Western Sydney University.