Were you pregnant in Canada in the last ten years?

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Time to complete

20+ minutes

It is ok to answer a few questions, stop and return to the survey later (be sure to use the same device). You can also skip questions.


Your pregnancy or birth experience deserves to be counted.


Voluntary and anonymous


Why is this important?

Very little is known about how people experience care during pregnancy and childbirth across Canada, especially among people with various identities, circumstances and backgrounds. Differences in experiences and outcomes across communities may be linked to access to care, their individual health status, and/or how they are treated. We do not know for sure, and there is very little research where community members have decided on what is most important to study and understand.

Who helped create this survey?

People from diverse backgrounds who had experienced a pregnancy in Canada chose the topics and the questions to ask.  They worked alongside researchers and health workers to co-create and distribute this national, online survey. The Canadian Institute of Health Research provided funding for this study to this multi-stakeholder team led by Dr. S. Vedam and the Birth Place Lab at UBC.

What will happen with the findings?

The Steering Council and community members who helped to design the study will decide how to tell the story. We believe that the results of this study will help us improve childbearing care in ways that matter to people in Canada.  Results will be shared with families, care providers, educators, and health policy leaders across Canada.

What does community participatory research look like?

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